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Pothole Repair & How We Do It

Watch Videos of our Step-by-Step Pothole Repair Process

  1. Watch Step One

    Step 1 - Preparation

  2. Watch Step Two

    Step 2 - Heating

  3. Watch Step Three

    Step 3 - Contouring

  4. Watch Step Four

    Step 4 - Recycling

  5. Watch Step Five

    Step 5 - Compact

  6. Watch Step Six

    Step 6 - Finished

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Customer Testimonials


Pothole Repair News Blog

  • Mission Inn Resort & Club " My time is valuable. All their communications are through email: Estimates that include site maps and pictures of areas in need of repair. Once the job was completed, they provided me with pictures of the completed areas. Simpleā€¦.." - Bud Beucher, General Manager Mission Inn Resort

  • Bob Steele Chevrolet " I have multiple properties to manage. The member area makes it simple to communicate which property I need repaired. They gave me a flat rate for my repairs so, unexpected asphalt issues keep me within my expense budget." - Mike Steele Vice President Bob Steele Chevrolet

  • Parking Lot Striping And ADA Compliance

    Once you’ve made simple or extensive asphalt repairs to your parking lot, we usually recommend seal-coating the entire parking lot to protect it from further damage. It coats the bare asphalt concrete protecting it fro...

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  • Asphalt Mixtures And Formulations

    There are a few different ways to produce asphalt, but they all share the same basic principles when being created. Crushed aggregate (stones, sand, and gravel) is mixed with asphalt/bitumen, at either hot or cold temperature...

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  • Recycling Asphalt

    100% Recycled AsphaltIt's not widely known, but asphalt concrete is 100 percent recyclable. Less than  1 percent of used asphalt concrete in the US is not recycled, according to a survey from 2011 by the Federal Highway Admi...

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